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Realm Royale Promo Code – The Realm Royale is a free-to-play battle royale third-person shooter video game launched by Hi-Rez Studios. This game is loved by many users & the same users search for Realm Royale Promo Code & Redeem Codes everyday. For their assistance here we comes with this latest article contains full detailed description about Realm Royale Promo Codes.

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Along with Realm Royale Codes we also provide you some interesting tips & tricks of this game which make this game more interesting for you.

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Realm Royale Promo Codes May 2021

Below is the list of all working & verified Realm Royale Promo Codes and Offers. Try all these codes & share your feedback with us in comment section below.


There haven’t been any publicly released codes yet, but we believe that there is a special Hi-Rez exclusive chicken skin. We are sure they will do contests, tournaments, and giveaways in the future and give out codes to the winners.

As we said above that we are here to serve you & not to misguide you. So when any code released by Realm Royale you’ll get notification.


Realm Royale Keys { FREE }

Here we give you two Realm Royale Keys absolutely free.

  1. RLM2FF1FD0E680329
  2. RLM3FED24F8B80329



10% Off Your Order

Coupon – XXERICT



Realm Royale Tips & Tricks –

– Get your settings sorted

– Choose the right class

– Don’t forget to mount up

– Keep a close eye on the map

– Pick your weapons wisely

– Don’t forget to use your abilities

– Avoid standing around

– Disenchant the useless stuff

– Forge your gear

– Loot up quickly

– Get your landing right

– Always swap for the strongest stuff

– Hop between Forges

– Master the Chicken Run

When an opponent guns you down in Realm Royale, you initially transform into a chicken. If you survive as a chicken long enough without getting killed, you will be resurrected again and turn back into your hero. As soon as you turn into a chicken, run away and try to stay safe long enough for you to return to the fight and help your teammates.


We hope that these tips & tricks will definitely help you in increasing your game efficiency.



Realm Royale Promos –

Promo Code – 22PGV-2PPF9-P9FD4-GHXVT-PHP9Z




Ride the Wave

  • RRRW0460A26890228
  • RRRW0499FC8E90228
  • RRRW0543032690228


Breakdance Emote

  • RRBDE0009A1E90620
  • RRBDE006D42790620
  • RRBDE009E20890620
  • RRBDE00B10E790620
  • RRBDE00E2D6390620


HRX Bundle

  • RHRXBE00610691111
  • RHRXBE00690C91111
  • RHRXBE00A0AE91111




Realm Royale : Updates

Realm Royale is coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 next week! We will be entering Closed Beta on both platforms, allowing players to test the game early before it’s available to all in Open Beta!

Access keys for the Closed Beta will be available soon! While they aren’t available just yet, our partners overs at Microsoft and Sony are running promotions that allow players to express an early interest in gaining access to the game!


In Realm Royale players choose a class with unique abilities, in the style of Hero Shooter, but keeping essential parts of the Battle Royale as kill all enemies, shrink the map or open chests and equip with weapons. At the moment there are five classes:


About Realm Royale Game –

Realm Royale, previously known as Paladins: Battlegrounds, is a free-to-play battle royale third-person shooter video game in development by Hi-Rez Studios. The game features multiple character classes each with unique abilities. It is a spin-off of the hero shooter Paladins, for which it began as a game mode.


About Steam Gift Cards –

Steam Gift Cards work just like gift certificates, which can be redeemed on Steam for the purchase of games, software, hardware, and any other item you can purchase on Steam.



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